Company - İSG ve SEÇ HSEQ

Yalvaç Grup Enerji/İskele


Yalvaç Group pursues its business with the principle of human health, technical safety and caring for environment as essentials.

At this point, the responsibility is shared by all management and employees, and so the responsibility shared means complying with statutory rules and orders related to being responsible of health, security and quality as well as agreements of international standards and customers. The objective of our attention aims to avoid or prevent any kind of possible harm to our employees, environment, customers and society as a result of our services.

Yalvaç Group personnel are responsible of paying the required attention to comply with the safety rules indicated in the company standards and regulations and procedures, use protective materials and prevent themselves and colleagues from being exposed to any accidents during construction process for all our projects. During the construction, they have to report any negative situation to arise. For the safety and health of the personnel, Yalvaç Group regularly controls, determines and improves the working conditions.

It pays full attention to emergency cases, accidents, vocational faults and environmental pollution trying to minimize consumption of natural resources. It keeps costs minimum preventing the customer complaints, installation faults and repair needs.